We offer meat goods and products produced exclusively by Enhars without any artificial additives. A combination of the highest quality meat and carefully selected seasonings & garnishes will serve as a brilliant treat for ordinary days and festivities!

Orders are carried out based on individual agreements according to our clients’ desires and options. If needed, we will provide consultations regarding the product types and the preferable quantities for a specific number of people.

If you have any questions, contact us!

Individual orders: +371 25907211
Retail and wholesale: +371 20033363

Orders and information


Garlic bacon

Pork fillet “Vīgante”

Pork neck chop roast in orange marinade

Roulade with paprika (pork)

Pork roast with mushroom-cap stuffing

Pork chop with ribs

Pork neck chop roast with pineapples

Meat roulette “Vīgante” (chicken and pork meat)

Pork roast in sun-dried tomato marinade

Classic pork chop

Beef liver pate

Classic chicken meat roulette

Classic pork roast

Ham with caraway-seeds

Home meat in jelly (pork)

Combined meat plates

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Sarkandaugavas iela 26/9
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Višķu iela 14
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